Visiting a Small-Town Dairy

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Harrolds Dairy


Bobbi Frost, co-owner of Harrold’s Dairy in Creswell, Oregon invited the Coastal team out for a tour of their wonderful, family run, 4th generation dairy. We snapped a handful of photos that capture the heart and spirit of this American treasure where hard work and family togetherness make every day a wonderful and rewarding experience.

The day we showed up for the tour was perfect, and so were our tour guides, which included Bobbi and her two, adorable children. Harrold’s Dairy is located northeast of downtown Creswell, Oregon. Their mission is simple: to create the highest quality milk possible while respecting the health and happiness of the cows as well as the land and water of Oregon. They have just over 400 cows on the farm with the milk being shipped to Darigold.


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