Farrier Tips to Cleaning Horse Hooves

July 21, 2017 / No Comments / By: Vanessa Berning

  Back when horses were the primary mode of transportation, the farrier and blacksmith were one in the same. They were the ones who made the horseshoes and shod the horses. Today, farriers are artisans of hoof care, skillfully adjusting and adapting horse shoes when needed, cleaning away debris, and helping ensure hoof health. They […]

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Canning vs Freezing

Canning vs. Freezing in Today’s Fast-Paced World

July 20, 2017 / No Comments / By: Vanessa Berning

  Back before everyone had a freezer/refrigerator in their home, canning was the preferred method for food preservation. At the time, the USDA’s Bureau of Home Economics didn’t like freezers all that much. The experts felt freezing was the lazy way out, and that canning produced better results. Today, the debate between canning and freezing […]

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Coastal Ag News Roundup for June 14th

Ag News Roundup

Current Agricultural News, Stories, and Reports

  In today’s Ag News Roundup, a second calf is killed by the Sherman wolf pack, a new noxious weed found in Oregon’s Morrow County, Spokane’s public market reopens, researchers find that bullfrogs start learning early, and a new way of detecting crown gall disease in minutes is developed. Second Calf Killed by Washington Wolf […]

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Linn County Fair

Highlights from the Linn County Fair

  It’s fair season all over the Northwest. At Coastal Farm & Ranch, we’re proud to support close to 40 local fairs, 4-H and FFA groups throughout Oregon and Washington by purchasing market animals, handing out buckets, and volunteering any way we can. One of the biggest fairs around is the Linn County Fair in […]

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Santa Fe Quinoa Salad

Santa Fe Style Quinoa Salad

Going to a BBQ this weekend and not sure what to contribute? Or just want to make something light for the family to enjoy? Compile your ingredients and prepare the Santa Fe Style Quinoa Salad. You’ll find a list of ingredients and directions below the video. Ingredients 1½ cups water ½ cup mild or medium […]

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Camping with Horses

Camping with Horses in Oregon and Washington

    There’s nothing better than saddling up your horse and riding among the Pacific Northwest’s natural wonders. That’s one of the many reasons horse camping is still so popular, especially with country folk. Whether you’re new to horse camping and trail riding, or simply want to brush up on your camp etiquette, we’ve compiled […]

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Mountain House

Get to Know Mountain House®

  The northwest is home to some big, world-famous companies. One you might not have heard of is OFD Foods, LLC out of Albany, Oregon. It’s the world’s largest freeze-drying company, employing over 400 people. This dedicated workforce freeze-dries foods for backpackers, hikers, hunters and more under the name Mountain House®. Freeze-Dried History Lesson The […]

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K9 for Warriors

Feeding Your Dog and Supporting Our Troops

  America is currently home to 21.8 million military veterans. We owe them everything, which is why Merrick Pet Care is supporting a non-profit known as K9s for Warriors. This wonderful organization pairs rescue dogs with military men and women suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disability (PTSD), brain injury and/or other military trauma as a result […]

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