Moral Morels

Sharing the Bounty from Wildfires with Those Who Fight Them

  Wildfires are once again dotting the Northwest, putting homes, crops, livestock, wildlife, and timber at risk. Also at risk are those who put their lives on the line when fighting those fires. You can help families of those injured or killed while fighting our wildfires when you buy a jar of Moral Morels dried […]

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Travis Dupell

Coastal Employee Spotlight: Travis ‘the Fishing Guide’ Dupell

    Standing aboard a fishing boat on the Columbia River and holding a 3-foot sturgeon, Travis Dupell is smiling from ear to ear. It might be the catch of the day that has him in good spirits, but more than likely it’s because this 18-year-old has found his place in the world as a […]

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Integrating Chickens

Adding New Chickens to Your Flock

  Caring for your chickens is relatively simple once your hens are established. However, there will come a time when you need to add new chickens to your collection, whether you’re growing or replacing members of your brood. Before you add to your flock, check out these suggestions from your chicken experts at Coastal. Go […]

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Coastal 101: How to Get Started with Chickens

Interested in adding chickens to your country lifestyle? Amy Dannis with the Coastal Animal Health Department has all the info you need to get started, including feed and feeders, waterers and electrolyte supplements, how to choose the right heat source for your chicks, and how to keep them safe from predators.     Just What […]

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Unger Farms

Coastal Customer Spotlight: Unger Farms, Inc.

Throughout the Pacific Northwest, you’ll find family-owned farms that believe in sustainability as well as growing fresh, quality food. Unger Farms Inc., located in Cornelius, Oregon is one of those places. You’ll find their fresh berries sold at many Portland Metro Area farmer’s markets as well as New Seasons Market stores – as long as […]

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Integrating a Shelter Pet

Quick Tips to Adding a Shelter Pet to Your Home

  There are millions of dogs in U.S. animal shelters hoping to be adopted. However, over 3-million of those adoptable pets are euthanized every year. When you adopt a shelter animal, you could be saving their life. But there are a few tricks to properly integrating a new dog into your happy home. Prepare Your […]

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Should You Get a Rooster?

Should You Get a Rooster?

  When you own chickens, caring for them and collecting the eggs is just the beginning. Eventually, you’ll consider a bigger and better coop, fenced area to let them wander, and whether or not to get a rooster. Should you get one? We’ve compiled some of the best reasons for and against introducing a rooster […]

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Coastal Check Presentation

Coastal Donates to Deschutes County 4H

  The Oregon 4-H Foundation has received a generous gift of $127,000 from Coastal Farm. The gift will be paid in two installments to support an educational program assistant for Deschutes County 4-H after Rosie Skinner, educational program assistant, leaves to pursue educational opportunities. The gift comes on the heels of many years of support […]

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Apple Crisp Pizza

Apple Crisp Pizza on the Grill

Sweet-to-eat summertime treats are a snap to create when you have the right ingredients, an outdoor grill, and a set of directions. This apple crisp pizza on the grill dessert will go fast, so be sure to grab a piece for yourself before it’s all gone. Recipe directions and list of ingredients are below the […]

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Horses Heat & Humidity

Caring for Your Horse in the Heat

Coastal’s Urban Farmer’s Almanac

  Excessive heat conditions come and go all summer long, especially here in the Northwest. But for your horse, even normal summertime temperatures can cause heat-related stress and other issues. In today’s Coastal Urban Farmer’s Almanac, we’ll take a look at signs of heat stress, how to avoid it, and what to do if your […]

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