Coastal Featured Product: Pet Releaf

Pet Releaf

Pets and people experience all sorts of aches, pains, and anxiety. For people, there are doctors and prescriptions. Now your pet has a remedy too. It’s called Pet Releaf, and it’s available at every Coastal Location.

Pet’s Deserve Relief

Created with a mission to provide truly healthy products for pets, Pet Releaf uses the highest-quality CBD oil to create infused chews, drops, and treats that are natural, safe, and effective. This isn’t a controlled substance. This is oil extracted from hemp grown at a certified USDA organic farm in Colorado. To ensure the highest quality and safety, the company extracts the oil using pressurized air instead of toxic solvents or chemicals, and the edibles are handmade and baked in small batches.

Pet Releaf is proud to say that you’ll never find 12-syllable ingredients in their products. What you will find, stated Amanda Gray, Pet Releaf Territory Sales Manager, during a Facebook live interview at a Coastal location, is an all-natural oil that works with the body’s endocannabinoid system to turbo-charge the immune system and reduce inflammation.

Find Pet Releaf at Coastal

Pet Releaf has been featured in Pet Business, Pet Product News, and Pet Age. And now, you’ll find it your nearly Coastal location. Just choose the product your pet needs depending on their overall size. Not sure how much to give them? Don’t worry. Everything is explained on the back of the package.

Hemp Oil Capsules
Use the dropper to administer the oil right into your pet’s mouth. Perfect for small, medium and large animals.

Have a picky dog or cat? Just put liposomes right in their favorite food. They’ll never know the difference.

Perfect for weekends on the trails and on-the-go families. Great for bigger dogs of 40 pounds or more.

Available in some fun and dog-friendly flavors, Pet Releaf edibles are good-for-them treats in disguise.

Canna Care Topical
This amazing cream is perfect for hot spots, rashes, and bug bites.

Bring Your Pet Relief

Stop by and check out the full line of Pet Releaf products, then bring Pet Releaf with you on your next camping or hunting trip, long walk, or evening where your pet needs some help with pain, bug bites, or anxiety.

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