Keep your animals safe with Zeolites, nature’s own ammonia absorb-er and odor eliminator, drastically reducing the harmful effects of ammonia from urine! We start with 100% wood and super-dry it for you. Next we add 100% natural, moisture-absorbing Zeolites. We also screen out the very fine wood flour to help reduce the very fine airborne particulates that are in ordinary wood pellet bedding. Finally, we engineer Dry Den to a crumbled-pellet shape so it has as much surface area as possible, further increasing its ability to absorb moisture and making it a softer bedding for your animals. You can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning your stalls and bedding because of Dry Den’s super-absorbent, Zeolite-enhanced pellets. Dry Den is a less expensive animal bedding option than shavings or straw. Dry Den is a 100% natural animal bedding and it makes excellent composting material and fertilizer after use. Dry Den is lighter-weight than competing brands making it an easy-to-handle pellet bedding material. Dry Den breaks down to be soft and fluffy, making your animals more comfortable.