Australian Natural Soaps are lightly scented with luscious fragrances. Fruity Mango, sweet Wild Honeysuckle, tangy Lemon Myrtle and many other great scents.
As wonderful as our soaps are to use, for someone who has never experienced them, the luscious fragrances are what makes them initially buy soap when they first see it.
It is only after they use the soap and see how good it is and how long it lasts do they want more. They make an perfect bath soap because they last a long time and don't disolve in the water.
After years of experience we found the ideal combination of ingredients to create the perfect balance of mosturizing, lathering and durability qualities.That is why the bar has such a creamy lather, feels so moisturizing and seems to last forever.
Bar size 100g/3.5oz