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Coastal 101: Herb Gardens

Coastal 101: Planting and Growing Succulents with Linda Woolsey

In today’s Coastal 101, gardening expert and Certified Professional Horticulturalist Linda Woolsey shares her love for succulent plants. Linda covers the basics, including how to pick the right soil for your succulents, what kind of wooden container to use, and how to put it all together for a wonderful addition to any garden or back […]

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Coastal 101: Herb Gardens

Coastal 101: Growing an Herb Garden with Linda Woolsey

Every Coastal location has its own gardening expert. Linda Woolsey is the person to find at the Marysville, Washington store. She’s a Certified Professional Horticulturalist, and a master at growing a great herb garden. In today’s Coastal 101, we get the inside scoop from Linda on how to grow your herb garden, how to help […]

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Caring for Hanging Baskets

Coastal 101: Hanging Basket Basics

Nothing spruces up a back yard or a front porch better than a beautiful hanging basket from your local Coastal store. The experts at Van Wingerden Greenhouses share some insider tips on how to care for your basket in this week’s video.     Coastal has Your Hanging Baskets Stop by your Northwest owned and […]

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Good Horsemanship

Back to the Basics: Good Horsemanship

  Sure, some people know how to ride a horse before they can even walk, but good horsemanship is something you learn over time. While you might already know how to approach a horse, mount, ride, and dismount, even the most advanced of us can use a quick refresher as we get ready for sunny […]

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Tree Grafting

How to Graft Your Fruit Trees

  In nature, two closely related plants growing nearby can graft together. It does happen. By giving nature a gentle nudge and grafting your own trees, you can harvest different fruit from the same tree. All you need are a few tools, some grafting supplies, and easy-to-follow steps. Why Grafting Works Grafting is a technique […]

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Welding Basics Video

Coastal 101: Learn How to Weld

Join Marc Rose, welding instructor at Linn Benton Community College as he and several of his students show you how to get started with welding. You’ll learn about different kinds of welding, some basic welds you can use in your shop or out in the field, as well as important safety requirements.   Get Your […]

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Keeping Barn Stalls Clean

How to Keep Stalls and Barns Dry in the Northwest

  Livestock owners throughout the Pacific Northwest have a common enemy – mud. Even in colder areas, mud can be an issue in paddocks, barns, and stalls, creating a breeding ground for bacteria, loosening or removing horseshoes, and posing a danger to animals and people alike. Thankfully, there are some simple fixes you can employ […]

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Coastal 101: Grinding Your Own Breakfast Sausage and Ground Beef

  If you’ve ever wondered about the quality of the ground beef at the supermarket, you’re not alone. Grinding your own meat is a great way to regulate fat content and cleanliness. Matt Bennett, owner and chef at Sybaris Bistro in Albany, Oregon shows us how to use a grinder to create breakfast sausage and […]

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Preparing Your Home for a Stove

What to Know Before Adding a Stove or Fireplace to Your Home

  Whether you’re going for ambiance, functionality, or a backup source of heat, adding a wood stove, pellet stove, or gas-burning fireplace can be a great addition to any home. Before you go out and buy a cord of wood or bags of pellets, there are a few things to consider. Know Your State Laws […]

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Farrier Tips to Replacing Horseshoes

  A few weeks ago, we shared some hoof cleaning insights from professional farrier Jim Spencer. Today, we’re walking through the process of replacing the shoes on a horse. Jim has been working with equine for just over 43 years. In that time, he’s shod too many horses to count. He is exceptionally good at […]

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