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As your chicken experts, we’ve enjoyed sharing articles, videos, how-to segments, and a lot more about owing, raising, and caring for chickens. Now, we’ve put all of that information into a single location. Here, you’ll find everything you need to choose the right breed, give them a proper home, collect and store the eggs, as well as feed, water, and butcher your brood.

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Should You Get a Rooster?

  When you own chickens, caring for them and collecting the eggs is just the beginning. Eventually, you’ll consider a bigger and better coop, fenced area to let them wander, and whether or not to get a rooster. Should you get one? We’ve compiled some of the best reasons for and against introducing a rooster […]
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How to Keep Your Chickens Laying Eggs in Winter

  Raising chickens can be very rewarding. But during the colder and shorter winter days, egg production can often dwindle, leaving you without the eggs you need for holiday baking and other goodies. With a few suggestions from our employees as well as Scoop from the Coop from Nutrena®, we’ve put together some easy ways […]
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Caring for Your Chickens when You’re Away

  As Americans, we love to get away for long weekends now and then. But for chicken owners, holidays and vacations away might seem impossible – especially with the daily feedings, watering, egg collecting, and predator preparedness. With a few updates to your regime and some foresight, you can leave your chickens for up to […]
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What to Expect When Your Chickens Molt

  As fall weather makes an abrupt appearance and trees start to lose their leaves, chickens will start doing the same with their feathers. This natural occurrence is called molting. While it happens every fall for chickens 18 months and older, it can catch new chicken owners by surprise. Here’s what you can do to […]
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Common Chicken Mistakes You Can Avoid

  Chickens aren’t just living in the country anymore. You’ll find coops in suburban backyards and even high atop city structures. Wherever you live, there are a handful of common mistakes you can avoid that could save you time, money, and the pain of losing a chicken or two. Never Underestimate a Predator This is […]
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Choosing Your Chicken Coop (or building it yourself)

Country folk are known for their creativity when it comes to building and fixing things. Ranchers can use bailing twine to mend almost anything, and anyone who raises chickens is always thinking of ways to build or buy a bigger and better coop. With the popularity of backyard chickens, now is the perfect time to […]
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Got Chickens? How to Collect, Clean, and Store the Eggs

Backyard broods have become a sensation throughout the Northwest. Today, you can find coops in cities, suburbs, and the country. While raising chickens has been a mainstay for rural dwellers for as long as anyone can remember, questions still come up about how to best collect, clean, and store the eggs. To help out, we’ve […]
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Everything You Need for Happy, Healthy Chickens

Everything You Need for Happy, Healthy Chickens There are roughly 50 billion chickens around the world, each clucking their way through another busy day. The U.S. accounts for nearly 9 billion of them. That’s a lot of chickens. If you’ve thought about adding a coop and a handful of hens to your backyard or farm, […]
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Caring for Chicks

Bringing up baby – Getting started with chickens   Chickens are more popular than ever, being raised not just on farms but in the city and urban areas as well. Here are some simple, affordable steps to get your brood started and keep your chickens healthy and happy. Housing After your chicks are hatched or […]
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Coastal Kitchen – Farm Fresh Eggs

Preparing Eggs 3 Ways Whether you live in an urban high-rise or on a backcountry road, you’re likely to know someone with chickens. Face it. Chickens are popular. So much so, eggs have become the new zucchini – the crop that everyone scrambles to give away when the garden is in full swing. Eggs are a […]
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Coastal 101: How to Break Down a Chicken

  The key to breaking down a chicken is a sharp knife and a little know how. Join Coastal’s Brian Sutherland as he learns the best tips and tricks from Chef Matt Bennett of Sybaris Bistro in Albany, Oregon.     Coastal Has What You Need Whether you raise chickens or you’re looking into chickens […]
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Choose the Best Breed

There are a lot of chicken breeds out there, including some fancy ones. Knowing which breed is right for you, your property, and needs takes a bit of knowhow. Luckily, your Coastal team is here to help with a quick-and-easy chart. If you’re still not sure which ones to choose, stop by your nearby location. We’ll be happy to help you go home with everything you need to raise happy and healthy chickens.

Breed Eggs Climate Size/Meat Personality
Ameraucana Pullets Medium Light Blue 3/week Likes winter but not extreme heat 6-7 pounds Docile and fun
Calico Princess Pullet Medium Cream 5/week Does well in many climates 4-5 pounds Broody
Cinnamon Queen Pullet Large Brown 4/week Hardy in most climates 5-6 pounds Sweet and docile
Cornish Rock Broilers Medium Brown 1/week Likes winter but not heat hardy 8+ pounds Broody, loud, and active
Cuckoo Maran Pullet Medium Brown 3/week Likes winter but not extreme heat 7-8 pounds Personalities
Lavender Orpington Pullet Large Brown 3/week Good in all climates 7-8 pounds Easily tamed and docile
Rainbow Dixie Pullet Medium Blue & Brown 5/week Can be good in colder climates 4-5 pounds Can be broody
Sapphire Gem Pullet Large Brown 5/week Sturdy in all climates. Does well in heat. 4-5 pounds Can be docile
White Crested Polish Pullet Medium White 4/week Tolerates most climates 5-6 pounds Docile and easy to work with