Products We Love: Wildology Superlife PRO Dog & Cat Food

Wildology Superlife PRO Dog & Cat Food


Country folk understand that pet healthiness starts with proper nutrition and pure ingredients. While it’s easy to feed your dog or cat any food out there, giving them super-premium food filled with everything they need is just as easy with WildologyTM SuperlifeTM PRO dog and cat food. This special pet food is new and available exclusively in Oregon and Washington at Coastal. It’s also one of the products we love.

What is Superlife?

Whether it’s fetching, jumping, playing, or just relaxing, the right food can make a huge difference in your pet’s life. Wildology is the only brand of pet food with Superlife PRO. Working with canine nutrition experts, they’ve created a special blend of probiotics and super foods designed to boost your pet’s digestion and immune system. They’ve even added kale, chia seeds, pumpkin, blueberries, and coconut to boost the antioxidants in every scoop.

What are Probiotics?

They’re live microorganisms that help maintain a healthy digestive tract. The folks at Wildology have come up with the perfect level of probiotics to ensure your dog or cat has the good bacteria they need to counteract the bad that can cause infections and illnesses.

No Supplements Required

Every bag of Wildology for dogs and cats is packed with a balance of supplements to make your life easier and your pet’s life happier and healthier.

Only Available at Coastal

Wildology really is a whole-body health and immune system that also tastes great. And you’ll only find this amazing dog and cat food at our stores in Oregon and Washington.


Wildology Play Puppy FoodWildology Play Puppy Food

Farm-Raised Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe

Complete nutrition for all breeds of puppies.

This 15lb. bag is packed with everything your puppy needs to grow big, healthy, strong, and smart, including chelated minerals to support mineral absorption.



Wildology Swim Dog FoodWildology Swim Dog Food

Farm-Raised Salmon & Brown Rice Recipe

Energy and power for all life stages and all Breeds.

For all life stages, including large breed puppies. This food is formulated without fillers and uses only natural, wholesome ingredients.



Wildology Hike Dog FoodWildology Hike Dog Food

Farm-Raised Chicken & Brown Rice Dog Food

Energy for all life stages and all Breeds.

These wholesome ingredients promote brain development and nervous system health in all life stages, including large breed puppies.



Wildology Sprint Dog FoodWildology Sprint Dog Food

Farm-Raised Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe

Nutrition for all life stages of larger breeds.

Every 30lb. bag is formulated for your dog’s health and longevity. Includes glucosamine and live probiotic bacterial.



Wildology Adore Dog FoodWildology Adore Dog Food

Pasture-Raised Lamb & Rice Recipe

Vitamins and minerals for all life stages and all Breeds.

The wholesome ingredients in every bag help support brain development and a healthy nervous system. Formulated with canola oil and flaxseed.



Wildology Chase Dog FoodWildology Chase Dog Food

Dense, High-Protein, Farm-Raised Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe

Energy for all breeds of active, older dogs.

They’ve packed this dog food with Superlife PRO superfood and a probiotic blend. Your dog will love the taste. You’ll enjoy the healthy outcomes.



Wildology Fetch Dog FoodWildology Fetch Dog Food

Pasture-Raised Beef & Rice Recipe

Vitamins and probiotics for all life stages and all Breeds.

The people at Wildology added salmon oil for brain development and nervous system development. Formulated for all life stages, including large breed puppies.



Wildology Climb Cat FoodWildology Climb Cat Food

Farm-Raised Chicken & Turkey Meal Recipe

Healthy ingredients for all breeds of cats.

Every 15lb. bag is formulated for feline health and longevity. Perfect for all life stages and breeds of cats.




Take Home a Bag of Wildology at Coastal

Whether your pet loves to fetch, chase, sprint, play, climb, or simply be adored, there are bags and flavors that are right for them. Stop by your Northwest owned and operated Coastal where you’ll find WildologyTM SuperlifeTM PRO for dogs, cats, and puppies. Flavors include farm-raised chicken, pasture-raised lamb and beef, wholesome and dense high-protein farm-raised chicken, as well as a chicken and turkey meal recipe for cats.

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