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Traveling with Your Pets

  At one time, traveling with your dog meant putting them in the back seat or truck bed. Nobody thought twice about it. Certainly, nobody ever worried about travel anxiety and animal car sickness either. Fast forward a few decades, and laws around traveling with your pets have been written to protect animals as well […]

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Preventing Ticks

Coastal Tip: Spotting, Removing, and Preventing Ticks

  Fleas and ticks are everywhere this time of year. The chances of your dog coming across one of these pests and potential disease carriers become all-the-more likely with every camping trip or venture into your acreage. Here are a few tips on how to spot, remove, and defend yourself and your pet from ticks […]

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When to Euthanize Livestock & What to Do with their Remains

  Nobody wants to see an animal suffer, whether it’s a cow, horse, goat, dog, or cat. Livestock owners grapple with this dilemma all the time, especially when an animal reaches a certain age, gets injured, or comes down with a disease. While it’s never an easy thing to face, euthanizing can often be the […]

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Horse Feed Comparison

Choosing the Right Feed for Your Horse’s Needs

  Horse owners everywhere know how time-consuming it can be to pick the right feed. With so many to choose from, including those that offer low carbs or the ideal mixture of fat, protein, fiber, and nutrients, it can seem complicated and overwhelming. That’s why many horse owners often switch feeds or end up mixing […]

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Horse Body Conditioning

Body Condition Scoring for Your Horse’s Health

  Horses live a pretty charmed life nowadays. Unlike their ancestors, today’s equine rarely works from dusk till dawn pulling plows, carrying cowboys, or roaming the range. While that life of leisure and the occasional endurance ride through beautiful countryside might be nice, it can add up to health issues if a horse’s weight is […]

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Laser Therapy for Dogs

Canine Corner: Auggie’s After Surgery Care

  When the cute canine August West (Auggie) suffered CrCL (cranial cruciate ligament) tears in his hind legs, his family quickly took him to the vet. Dr. Sherri Morris with Plateau Veterinary Hospital & Orthopedic Center in Bend, Oregon suggested Modified Maquet Procedure (MMP) surgery. The technique involves cutting bones and implanting titanium foam to […]

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ACL Surgery for Dogs

Canine Corner: Auggie’s ACL Surgery

The Trials & Tribulations of Raising August West

August West (Auggie) was still very young when the Berning family noticed his limping. At first, it was just one of his hind legs. Then the pain and immobility doubled, affecting both legs. After a visit with Dr. Sherri Morris with Plateau Veterinary Hospital & Orthopedic Center in Bend, Oregon, it became clear that Auggie […]

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Horse Worming

The How and When of Horse Deworming

Coastal’s Urban Farmer’s Almanac

  The arch nemesis of horse owners everywhere is the parasite. When left unchecked in your horse’s digestive tract, these freeloading organisms can cause inflammation, decrease the nutrients your horse gets from their food, and could keep your animals from their peak performance. The folks at Zoetis have some solid advice to keep your equine […]

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Products We Love: Triple Crown Horse Nutrition

  As you might expect, Triple Crown Nutrition and the legendary racing event have a few things in common. They both deal with horses, and they both consist of three elements. For the feed company, those three components include premium ingredients, revolutionary formulations, and their EquiMix® technology. Those, and the company’s love of senior horses, […]

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Determining Your Dog’s Dietary Needs

Determining Your Dog’s Dietary Needs

  When you’re a dog owner, you tend to stop by the pet aisle and peruse the toys, treats, and training items. You also start noticing the slight differences found in today’s dog food options. While food trends come and go, finding the right chow for your canine starts with a few key choices, including […]

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