Fimco 15 Gallon Trailer Sprayer LG 1500 303

Fimco 15 Gallon Trailer Sprayer LG-1500-303

This low-cost 15 gallon spot sprayer is great for many uses, including applying insecticides and herbicides. The 15 gallon spot sprayers corrosion-resistant polyethylene tank features graduations in both gallons and liters. Tank has a full-length drain sump, full drain out capability and large wrap horns for handling or hose coiling. The 15 gallon spot sprayer comes complete with a 12-volt 1.0-gpm 35-p.s.i. diaphragm pump, 18" lever handgun with adjustable nozzle and 15 feet of hose. USA made.


15 Gallon Corrosion Resistant Polyethylene Tank Lower Tank Profile For Improved Stability Full Drain Out Capability With Molded In Drain Port,Cap & Tether Both Gallon And Liter Fluid Volume Indicator On Tank 5” Fill Lid With Tether 12 Volt (Demand)Diaphragm Pump, 2.1 G.P.M.; 60 P.S.I. Remote In-LIne "On-Off" Switch 18" handgun with adjustable pattern tip Conveniently Attaches To A Lawn Tractor Ready For Roundup®

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Sprayers and More!

When it comes to sprayers, Fimco dose it all! From the 5 gallon home owner model to the 1000 gallon Ag field sprayer, they have you covered. Fimco has expanded its product line in recent years to also include a line of lawn attachments and trailer carts.