Oster 4oz  Premium Clipper Lubricating Oil

Oster 4oz. Premium Clipper Lubricating Oil

Developed especially for professional use, this lubricating oil is the best non-detergent oil there is for use on all of your clippers and blades.


* Best non-detergent oil available for use on clippers and blades * Developed especially for professional use

Ideal Uses

All Oster Clippers

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Keeping it neat with Oster Professionsl.-image

Keeping it neat with Oster Professionsl.

For professional grade grooming and sheering, Oster® Professional is the name to know. From clippers, and trimmers to grooming tools and more, you’ll find what you need to keep your livestock trimmed, sheered, and looking their best.

The professional choice. You’ll find a full line of Oster® Professional products for your pets, large animals, and equine at Coastal Farm and Ranch. Just what the country needs.