Goldenfire Premium Pellet Fuel

Goldenfire Premium Pellet Fuel

For over 25 Years, Golden Fire has produced 100% Natural wood pellets made exclusively from clean Douglas fir sawdust. Douglas fir is the ideal wood species for pellets, as it burns consistently hot & clean. If you want maximum heat, with minimum clean-up, Golden Fire should remain your first choice! Golden Fire Pellets contain only 100% renewable Oregon Douglas Fir with absolutely no additives, binders or waxes.


Wood Species: 100% Douglas Fir
Heat Output: 8,5000+ BTUs
Moisture Content: Less than 2.5%
Ash Content: Less than 0.30%
Fines: Less than 0.50%
Chlorides: Less than 300ppm

Ideal Uses

Pellet Stove Fuel

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Quality Ensured

Bear Mountain Forest Products has been producing premium quality forest products in Oregon since 1988. What differentiates their products from others is their commitment to quality. Bear Mountain purchases only clean sawdust and shavings from reliable sources. Then they dry and screen our products to ensure consistent quality.